My Japan Exhibition: Part II @ Nirvana New York Restaurant in Midtown (Roppongi)

Liezel & I…

My Japan Part II exhibition is finally here! Come check it out (open until mid-January) at Nirvana in Midtown…and make sure to buy a print.  Here’s Liezel & I hanging the exhibition. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! Our Facebook supporters, Nirvana, Subject Matter Gallery…and especially The Photographers. A special thanks to Mr. Sato for his help yesterday! All proceeds for the sale of prints to JEN NGO!

Order prints & find out more: My Japan.

(Photographers: Alfie Goodrich, Raymond Dacones, Marcus Beard, Katherine Wells, May Kawabe, Britta Fruhling, Lizanda Lucas, Julian Peters, Danielle Demetriou & yours truly (Genevieve Sawtelle))

Liezel unpacking…what a great surprise, it’s mine!

I n s t a g r a m